Both Catullus and Pliny the Elder described the beauties of Como.

Como, from the Latin words Novum Comum, is the most important city of those surrounding Lake Como, from an economic, a cultural and social point of view.The center of the city is completely developed along the lake and around Piazza del Duomo, one of the most important Cathedrals of Northern Italy. The historical structure still resembles the historic one of the Roman castrum, with Medieval walls and several lookout towers (Porta Torre, Torre Gattoni and San Vitale).

Como has also some remarkable Romanesque churches like San Abbondio and San Fedele, in the heart of the ancient city. On the lake shore you can visit the Temple Voltiano, where you can find some memorabilia belonging to Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electrical battery, a well-known native of Como.

The beautiful Villa Olmo instead, is the location of many high level art exhibitions.If you catch the cable railway that connects the city to Mount Brunate, you can visit the Liberty style villas and the light-house that every evening lightens up the night with the Italian flag.

Como’s beauty has always inspired creativity. Mercedes-Benz creative office has it’s headquarters in Como for this reason. Gianni, Giorgio and Gianfranco have become Versace, Armani and Ferre’ thanks to Como where they experimented their creativity. The economic importance of Como mainly comes from silk production, this is one of the reasons why biggest fashion and design brands with their latest trends, await tourists in wonderful stores where you can do some really fine shopping.

For those who prefer nature and fresh air, Como has a variety of sports that can be practiced on water or on it’s surroundings. Water ski, sailing, surf, kayak can all be practiced on the Lake. Kite-surfing can be practiced on the Nothern shores. But you can also enjoy trekking pathways, mountain bike rides, horseriding and golf with the spectacular view of the lake.

A tour of the lake with a typical motorboat, is an absloute must in Como!