BP Best Places St. Moritz - Como

                                                                     BP BEST PLACES by Barbara Pelandini

BP BEST PLACES is a luxury service which stems from the desire to convey the emotions evoked in me by the places where I was lucky enough to be born and grow: Lake Como and the Upper Engadine.

It is a dream come true which gives me the opportunity to pass on to you the great fascination these places and landscapes – among the most renowned and charming luxury holiday destinations – have always held for me.

Therefore you will not be really considered to be my customers, but rather guests whose distinctive features will be highlighted by creating unique, custom-made experiences with attention to the smallest detail thanks to my deep knowledge of the places and of all my proposals.

Como – with its striking views and its historic villas – and St. Moritz – perfect combination of refined elegance and natural wonders – are the main locations where I do my business, but not the only ones.

My curiosity and my discovery desire keep expanding my experience – both personal and professional – and today I can offer you luxury locations which I have personally tested, wherever your imagination may lead you.

I offer a wide range of services, from the accommodation in high quality villas with all comforts – driver, chef, butler, babysitting, personal trainer, hairstylist, etc. – to the organization of activities that can make your holiday an unforgettable experience such as boat trips on the lake in search of its secrets, a tenor singing the Tosca to you at 3000 meters from the ground, a visit to the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci behind closed doors, and much more.

Anything else you may need to satisfy your wish for wellness.

My mission and my passion are to welcome and take care of you, get to know you and read into your demands.

It will be my greatest satisfaction if, also thanks to BP, “my” places become “yours”, thus my mission will be accomplished.

Barbara Pelandini